Give me two weeks, you won’t recognize her


Pizza Pants: Velvet Sphynx*
Faux Septum Ring: Galisfly*
 The Ultimate 8 Ring Set: Galisfly*
Bohemian Jewellery Tatts: Rihanna Pack*

So this outfit is kinda a mix of my two fave style icons - FKA Twigs and Rihanna.  I was super excited because Rihanna recently put snaps all over her instagram wearing these exact bikini bottoms with the matching top! They are from super swimwear brand Velvet Sphynx who caught my eye last year and I am so pleased to see Rihanna rocking their designs! I love seeing brands I work with get the exposure they deserve and cool people wearing them!

In the spirit of Ri Ri's style I decided to accessories with a few temp tatts from Bohemian Jewellery's Rihanna pack. I am literally obsessed with these tatts! They stay on for days/weeks - I think the peeps at the gym must think I don't wash.

I recently became obsessed with the faux septum craze (merci FKA Twigss). I used to want a septum piercing but unfortunately due to my severely broken and wonky nose i think it wouldn't be a wise decision. I therefore LUUUURVE my faux one from Galisfly. As per usual Galisfly is the place to go for any gold accessory!

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