Heba Clothing x The Young Eccentric (1/2)


Chokers and sweety bracelets: things i've hoarded from the 90s
Shoes: IKrush

So a few weeks ago I went to Heba HQ to do a blogger takeover! I was super excited at the prospect of finally wearing and styling the dreamy pieces made by mega talented Heba.

I am going to do this feature in two parts. This was the first outfit which featured the star fish mesh dress was just dreamy!!!!! I’m not a girly girl so i love how the mesh make’s it more grunge yet the star fish over the boobies are a little sassy yet still super cute, which in my eyes is the perfect combo.

We shot it on this incredible nebula background which i loveeeeed! Look how epic the pics look with it thanks to Kiran Gidda.

We also uncovered that i have a hidden talent for blowing bubbles! I felt like i wanted to sing "i'm forever blowing bubbles" the whole day.

Go check out the interview to find out things like: My favourtite secret hobby is to binge eat whilst watching The Simpsons and why I would be a good mermaid because have always hated sand so getting me from the sea back to the shore where the people are would be a bitch.

Part 2 of my Heba Blogger Takeover update shall be coming soon!

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