Local Heroes Launch at The Cereal Killer Cafe


 You know when you see those kids running around in the supermarket who have obviously been given way too much sugar, are hyper beyond belief and you just want to shout at them to "CALM THE FUCK DOWN!!!" - yup that not so little kid was me at this launch party (party? - it wasn't really a party, it was breakfast, but it felt like the most awesome ever party to me!).

Firstly, let's all take a minute to appreciate the shitness that was one of my first blog posts back in 2013 proclaiming "My new favourite brand is Local Heroes".  Luckily some things change and I learn't that you can upload more than one image into a blog post. However what does remain the same is that I STILL FUCKING LOVE LOCAL HEROES!

I have been a massive fan of the brand ever since they created their "Bad Hair Day" Beanie  (no its not from New Look, the masters behind the ever so copied slogan, amongst others is Local Heroes!). I was absolutely amazed to meet the team behind the brand, just 3 of them! The new collection showing how their hard work is forever worth it with a amazing range of relateable, tongue and cheek designs. If i could live in one brand forever i think Local Heroes would have to be it!

The launch was held at the Cereal Killer Cafe, which I was (yup you guest it) EVER SO excited about!! (Sorry 5th House PR gals you literally put me in my idea of heaven and i was not coming back down haha!) I don't think I was that excited when i was a little kid in a sweet shop as when i was choosing my cereal. I chose Bart Simpson, Spongebob and The Flintstones 'Popping Pebbles' (which had popping candy in it!). I am laughing right now just thinking of the poor guy who served me, who was probably just thinking about the random assortment and ridiculous sugar, E number rush that my already hyped up self really didn't need. His face honestly looked like when you take that 5th Jaeger bomb away from your friend at 3am because you want them to get home in one piece haha!

Anyway continuing with my story, the room was filled to the brim with the coolest peeps around! I had a good natter with the wonderful Arvida Bystrom who is just lovely and her work is always so inspiring.

Finally, as if there wasn't enough 90s vibes in the room, I chose that morning to wear my uhhhmazing hand painted jeans from Bows Don't Cry which got ALOT of attention and love! They make me feel like a 90s kid everyday so obviously i never want to take them off! They were made by the wonderful Sarah who has given me a lovely 15%off for readers (for all orders from 25€) and it will be available from to June 5th. The code is BDCDISCOVER.

 I feel as if i have just relived the launch writing this post, i feel so exhausted i think i may go have a lie down... oooh or some cereal.

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