Shoot Me Fab x Sabrina Carder


"There are models who's personality inspires you to create beautiful visuals because it adds such a positive vibe to the entire session. Meet Sabrina Carder from The Young Eccentric: a quirky, creative and bubbly model and fashion blogger we had an amazing time shooting this month. Sabrina is a big fan of vintage and charity shopping. We were impressed by her talent to style the most unusual items into eccentric 90s inspired outfits." - Shoot Me Fab (Aww thanks guys for the lovely words *getting all self -conscious and blushing here*) 

So the uber talented peeps at Shoot Me Fab and I did a collaboration last month and I can now finally share it with you! Not only are the stunning photo's below taken by Sebastien Marchand but I also did a little interview with them that you can read here. 

Outfit 1:
Top: Vintage
Jeans: Bows Don't Cry

Outfit 2:
Top: The End Is Near
Cap: This Is A Love Song

 Outfit 3:
Glitter Co- Ord: Vintage (more precisely it was my 6th birthday party outfit that i have never had the heart to throw out and either fortunatly or unfortunatly my boobs are still the size of a 6 year olds so it still fits!)
PVC Mermaid top: The Creeps Store

I also had great fun shooting a little Behind The Scenes video! Hope you like my mermaid moves ha!


  1. Those jeans in outfit #1 are to die for... (also love the way you've styled all outfits... looks like so much fun!)


  2. Oh WOW! What an incredible shoot. Your shoots are always so much fun and full of such incredible colours. Those jeans are just amazing! x

    1. hehe the jeans are awesome! And this was just down to a incredible photographer - i didnt do anything ha!


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