Boys Aint Shit tee: Local Heroes
Skirt: Topshop

Make-Up and Hair: Pascale Maestri
Photography: JC Candanedo, Grey Pistachio  
 The other day I helped out some fab friends who I first worked with when I got into all this modelling mallarky JC and Pascale! We were shooting for Pascale's amazing make-up that had a brief for a I-D Magazine editorial to do with youth of today. Naturally when I found out I got to style the shoot as well i immediately picked up my fave pieces from Local Heroes!

The first and last pics are the final edits and then the others are all outtakes because when you work with me you do get more funny outtakes then serious modeeeeellll. Pascale did the make-up perfectly to go with the tee and JC captured my sassy side like a superstar!

Now for the BIIIIG NEWSSSSSSS..... I HAVE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL! Yup I finally did it!  watch my first Haul (or Hall as i thought it was spelt) below! It features this tee and the other awesome stuff from Local Heroes that will be coming up on the blog soon! Go get a sneaky cheek peak and take a look! Also hit the subscribe button and comment on what you thought because i may do some more depending on if you guys like watching them! :)


  1. WWW.COOLMACHINE.FR, your new online concept store !

    thanks and see you soon ;)



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