This is the last in my 90s series called 'EAT YO FEELINGS' because i got given a pack of love hearts and was having way too much fun looking through all of the sayings and then eating them. The last one did actually have 'First Love' on it ha! Who knew love hearts do kind of help when it comes to eating your feelings ha.

 I also found in a old fashioned sweet shop the other day the edible tongue tattoo's (who remembers them!?). And finally bubblegum! I blew that big bubble and then it went all over my face and hair and i was like 'damn now i remember why i loved to hate this stuff'. Luckily this time it wasnt too bad and i didnt have to have a chunk of my hair cut out like i did when i was a kid. I still love bubblegum though! What was your fave? Their was Hubba Bubba, Bubbly, the one in the tape measurement roll?

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