*insert Drake lyrics here*


F*cksgiven tee: Five Pound Tee*
Leather skirt: H&M
Heels: New Look
Hat: Warehouse

From the front I look almost normal in this look ha! We all know i love a good slogan tee and i love the great selection from Five Pound Tee. They are genuinely amazing quality and so sassy, like literally stuff you Topshop with ur £30 price tags!

I think the F*cksgiven tee went a bit to my head, i felt a bit bad arse and thought all black was needed. This leather skirt is definitely bad arse though right? It's all down to my sister ruining my other one in the wash - so cheers sis for the replacement (although she didn't approve of it as it is a lot shorter than my old one ha!).

These heels have a story all of their own! I bought them for a tenner in New Look for NYE and partied in them all night but now whenever i put them on i feel like Bambi on ice! I think the amount of alcohol i consumed on NYE definitely made me feel more invincible and knowing me i probably did face plant a few times, i just cant really remember (oops). Ironically our song for that night was Big Sean - I Dont F*ck With You which was awful when we were all incredibly hungover and still had it in our heads.

"But Sabs you cheated, your socks are not black!" I hear you say. *middle finder up* WELL IF YOU HAD THESE SOCKS YOU WOULD WEAR THEM WITH THIS OUTFIT TOO OKAYYYYY!

Also BIG NEWSSSSSS - I'm now on YouTube! If you liked this look have a gander at my first video  featuring this outfit and 4 other sassy summer outfits that will be coming up on the blog soon! Hit subscribe and i'll have more coming your way soon! Sorry for the sh*t quality of this video by the way - i filmed it in the wrong format [wuuut film degree - oops].  


  1. Are you sure to delete all feelings?
    ha ha ha nice one :D

  2. I love this look on you. And that hat is fab!!


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