Co-Ord: Ark Clothing
 Baggy M Lavender Boots: Palladium (£60)*

 Okay so my Palladium boots go PERFECTLY with my Ark co-ord - it's as if it was meant to be!

Think the pics kinda speak for themselves but yeah! This is the most girly outfit I have EVER worn! I used to hate the colour pink as I was a right tomboy when i was younger (still am) and used to literally cry if my mum ever forced me into pink (she would dress my twin and I in the same outfits just one in blue and one in pink so people could tell us apart ha!).

ps. These boots and the comfiest thing ever! I wore them around London all day running from shoots to meetings and they would defs be fab for a festival!

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  1. I agree the co-ord + boots look like they were ment to be together <3
    This look reminded me of Scooby Doo's Daphne... maybe a modern version of her could wear this :)
    I hated pink too as a kid. But now... it's just so cute.


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