Shopa Dinner with Oliver Proudlock


Dress: Trends Gal*
Shoes: Missguided
Black Fedora: Warehouse

So, last week i was extremely lucky to be invited to the exclusive Shopa Dinner with Oliver Proudlock!

I had a absolutely fabulous time learning all about Shopa at the gorgeous Rosewood Hotel! I also got a sneaky peek at Serge DeNimes new collection and I am continually impressed by Oli's brand and passion. I hadn't seen his collection since one of his first Serge events over 2 year ago and it just keeps getting better! Also shout out to my fave troublesome twosome Lucia and Sophie I had such a laugh with these girls, go check out their very lush blogs (puts mine to shame really)!

Also i feel as if i need to explain why i am wearing a different hat in nearly every photo. Basically Oliver has a hat range coming, which is just fab for a hat lover like me - also i think Oli could give Pharrell a run for his money in a hat off atm, what you think!?

Anyway, unbeknown to me i turned up in a hat *embarassing* and then obvs wanted to upgrade so put on one of Oli's (I chose the orange one so i looked like a ray of sunshine in my yellow dress). It then kinda started a hat try on selfie/ snapchat sesh with everyone. I don't think a hat try on sesh was part of the program but it was darn fun as you can probably tell from the photos (side note: I don't think i've quite got the hang of being model 'photography ready' at all times yet, I can literally hear my laugh coming out of the photos).

So that was about my night, now for the important bit about Shopa!

Shopa is a new social shopping site that lets you buy and share items with the added bonus of being rewarded for your social style clout.

Now i know what your thinking 'ugh not ANOTHER fashion app!!'. Especially for us Fashion Bloggers i get a email nearly every day from another new app wanting me to join and sign up, but hear me out about this one because its a game changer!

Put simply Shopa is a way of shopping online with your friends and gaining rewards whilst doing it. If you are the 'stylish friend' whose friends are always copying your style then definitely get this app because you get a cash reward every time your friend purchases your recommended product!

Shopa rewards its customers for their social style clout; so same for all you Fashion Bloggers. Share the latest trends or style lust list and get a reward if a follower purchases it. Moreover i know we all love a little bit of extra cash but its also pretty darn fun! Its such a great app to share your fave items and inspirations with friends or followers.

The site is home to a range of well known and up and coming boutique brands from across the globe (including some of my faves like Illustrated People, Serge De Nimes and Miista!). YAY for relevant boutique brands on a app *applause*.

For more information on Shopa visit or download the app at 


  1. Looks like a cool event! Proudlock looks good

  2. I looooooove proudlock so this post was my favourite! He is so effortlessly cool, I love it...

    Infinity Of Fashion// Lucy Jane

    1. He really is effortlessly cool - its unfair ha!
      Thanks for the comment Lucy

  3. must have been awesome to meet him!

  4. Proudlock is so cool, just saw him on TV! x


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