Under The Sea


Mermaid PVC Top: The Creeps Store 

I got bored and wanted to be a mermaid. 
(Ps. My hair looks like my dog ears ha)

I often get asked what spirit animal i would be and i usually say the same of either a unicorn or mermaid (i know they are both mythicial ha!). I asked a friend the other day what he thought and he said i would be a dolphin! Of which I was very perplexed.

However, i did a shoot the other day and i got onto the topic with the photographer - i told him that apparently i would be a dolphin and he was like 'OMG yes i can see that! You are a dolphin!'. After asking if that was a good or a bad spirit animal to be he reassured me it was good... so from now on guys i'm a dolphin!

What is your spirit animal and do you agree with mine?... discuss

Also I did a FAB interview with Golden Boy Press the other week and you can find out literally everything you have ever wanted to know about me or if you want to be a little nosy check it out!


  1. I like very much photos but not at all transparent top

  2. cool! i've had this top on my wish list a while, looks amaze on u! http://sarahinwonderlust.blogspot.com/2015/06/rainbow-series-2-this-is-how-we-do.html

  3. I love the dog ears hair look :D it's always the best! And the photos are so cute!
    Dolphin sounds perfect if it originally was a mermaid. Now, I really have to think about my spirit animal...


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