Pray For Your Haters tee: Five Pound Tee*
Pleated Skirt: The Yub Shop*
Shoes: My flashing trainers that no longer flash *tear*

To quote Miss T Swizzle - 'I'm gunna shake it off, shake it off!' I got this tee because it was sassy, funny and reminded me of a few Vine video's I had watched (i'm slightly obsessed with Vine!).

I have wanted a American Apparel pleated skirt for agesss but managed to dodge the price tag and get this dupe of The Yub shop app. It's addictive so be careful when you go on it! I spent HOURS scrolling because ugh there are so many nice clothes and i was having FOMO and didn't want to miss out on one thing! I've put the links below on how to download the app:

Now about this Pray For Your Haters Tee. I think its very important to come back down to earth for a minute because although i'm wearing this tee I hope I have no haters and I sure don't hate anyone. I think with the use of the internet/ trolls and anon comments, the term 'hate' and all things that go along with that is now just kinda accepted. Hey I get my fair share of hate comments etc but luckily i just laugh them off, but a lot of people get really effected by them especially now when girls as young as 14 are starting blogs. It also makes me sad that sometimes a lot of the bad energy comes from other fashion bloggers or other girls on instagram or whatever. The internet and fashion blogging network is literally like being back at one big all girls senior school sometimes and I think some people just need to re-valuate how they conduct themselves. Be proud of those who are doing good things, encourage those who inspire you and spread only good vibes because being jealous/ bitter and shaming others just wont get you anywhere or make you happy.

Its very easy to make a quick judgement on people on the internet and think 'oh she's a bitch' or 'oh she posts pictures of herself she must be totally up her own arse'. I went to a event a few months back and a girl came up to me and we got chatting for a bit (consumed a bit of alcohol) and towards the end of the night she said to me, "hey your really fun and nice, I thought you were a bitch because you kinda look like one on your blog". (If you have met me you know i'm basically the biggest goof ball you will ever know).


  1. Your tee is so evil... I love it!

    But yeah Internet is great and all but it brings out the bad sides of some (anonymous) people :/

    1. Haha thank you!
      It does indeed! <3


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