If he doesnt text back... all you need is Tumblr and tequila


 Boys Aint Shit tee: Local Heroes
Microsoft Print Joggers: O-mighty 

So girls - we have all stood there and said to our girl friends that boys or *insert his name* ain't shit (probably over a few glasses of wine). It's important to be able to be a girl who isn't reliant on a boy or to have them easily toy with your feelings. But no matter how hard and strong you are, once in a while something or someone will get to you and that is completely natural.

I'm kinda jealous of naive 16 year old me who had no idea what feelings really were because boy oh boy (no pun intended) my mind must have been so much clearer haha! But anyway, what I love about this t-shirt is that it says 'boys ain't shit' in a mock Tumblr post. Now this is VERY relevant to my life! I don't know about you girls but whenever i'm having boy issues or he doesn't text back or if i've just had a few drinks and am stupidly reading back old messages or am trying to find the answers to my 'friendship with feelings' situation (but that turns out to be harder to solve than a murder mystery). I go on Tumblr... or Yahoo answers... but mainly Tumblr.

I'm not even going to lie about it i spent MANY a night in my uni days on Tumblr re-blogging some deep shit that i could kinda relate to about my love life often with a bottle of wine and some depressing Ed Sheeran music blaring. It can either be thought of as pathetic or.... i dont know.... yeah pretty pathetic... 'I'm A Mess' by Ed Sheeran kinda describes the sitch actually. BUT I KNOW MY FRIENDS DO IT TOO SO IT'S OKAY HAHA!!! One of my friends who knows me too well even sent me this the other day haha:

 I'm literally modern day Bridget Jones, tbf i'm pretty sure if Tumblr had been around then she would have said "Tonight I choose Vodka, Chaka Khan and Tumblr!"

Anyway, this post is just to remind you all that its okay to have feelings and Tumblr is actually a fab way of getting things straight in your head or letting off some steam (or just creating an entire folder of screenshots of things you wish you could say to your crush but will never actually get the balls too *eg me*). We all need a bit of a wallow sometimes but then the next day you just pick yourself back up - slightly tired, hungover and pissed off that you were even thinking of *insert name* but soon you will forget all about your bad state of mind.

Lastly, lets are keep our fingers crossed that a certain S*** never ever ever finds my Tumblr likes.  

Oooh this has been a extremely girly open post from me! Not sure how i feel about that... Peace out!


  1. Haha thank you for the enlightening advice. I just came here from lookbook to tell you that I love your style!! :)

    1. Hi Jessa!!
      Aw thank you SO much for your lovely comment and for visiting my blog from lookbook! <3
      Hope you continue to like my style :)
      Love, Sabs xxxx


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