Wireless Festival Weekend Diary


Alright everyone! 

I know i have been slack with my monthly event posts - sorrryyyy! 

This post should make up for it! I worked for Yahoo Celeb with my lovely Girls On The Ground at Wireless Festival last weekend. Yahoo were live streaming the event and us girls got bought in to take charge of social and run around backstage getting all the latest goss and celeb spots. It was fab, so I thought i would share a few pics with you all (beware there are A LOT of selfies!)!!!

Angel came on in Fuse ODG's set and i caught him straight from off stage
To see my full outfit deets see the post below! :)
Met this lovely girl! Lets all take a minute to appreciate her outfit! I was FAN GIRLING HARD!

This handsome chap is called Diego Barrueco (girls give him a google... your welcome). Plus he is a absolutely lovely chappy!

A$AP Rocky just strollin to stage
Brooklyn Beckham has my birth year on his top - big up 1993. Also a very nice chappy!

GirlsOTG Day 1 Crew with Natalie and Charlotte (just don't mention a cash point)

Drake - I made it! I saw him live twice in a week - not bad!

This couple took Drake's lyrics "girl she's the female version of me" to another level!

Day 2 outfit deets will be up soon!

Alfie Deyes is such a cutie look at that smile!
The lovely Jourdan Dunn who i met last year and really didnt want a selfie with her again because my self esteem literally couldnt handle it but oh well here it is! By this point i had been seen so much backstage i think Brooklyn felt comfortable enough to try and photobomb (and kinda failed cos we only got his thumbs) - its alright Brookers we all have to fail at something ha!
Wireless Day 2 crew with Zoe and Charlotte

Who wants to be best friends with Jess Glyne? *hand shoots up*
Vanessa from The Sats looking fest ready in florals and tassles!

Just Niall, Brooks and Vanessa having a drinkie

I told Jaden i felt cool for like 5 mins standing with him and he replied "nah your cool girl" - i know he's like 12 but made my day haha.

and then just like that Wireless was over - Luke's face says it all 
Thanks to the Yahoo team for the most wonderful weekend! Still sitting here pinching myself! <3

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