Top: My sister bought it for me 
Shoes: JuJu

Hey guys!

I thought i would brighten your day with a bit of 90s!

Alien Babies, My Little Pony, Gameboys, Pokemon, Furby's, Bart Simpson - these jeans have them all! The only thing it was missing was Spongebob but luckily i have more than one garment with that loveable yellow fellow on it.  

I also DIY'd these jelly shoes with stickers for a LFW a few seasons back. I think i did it one night when i was suffering from insomnia and it was so much better to wake up tired with a new sassy pair of shoes than just tired.



  1. That's a perfect overload! Love the top <3
    I never thought you could use stickers to make shoes even cooler. That's genius!


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