Cheap Date? You Wish


 This sick tee is from English School London, a cool new brand set up by Josh Wilks and i-D Mag's beauty editor Isamaya Ffrench. The hand printed apparel is a fresh breathe of air and i love it! My tee is described as, 'IFMA is a fictitious cosmetics brand influenced by the functional aesthetics of pharmaceutical branding'. Obvs i chose the one that said 'Cheap Date'. I immediately loved the irony and had already imagined it paired with my 1-800-YOU-WISH jacket which makes one killaaaar outfit.

Anywhooo go check em out cos it's cool AF!

Thinking about it i think i am happily a cheap date (not like that lol) just a pint and a bit of banter is all you really need. Although saying that there is nothing worse than a tight boyf, that would be a 1-800-YOU-WISH sitch. On a related note i did wear this jacket out for a few pints the other night (not on a date) and now have pulled it and got beer spilt all over it *cry*.

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  1. That shirt is amazing! And their website is full of great stuff <3 <3
    Thank you for introducing!!


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