Reality Sucks Top: Local Heroes
Skirt: H&M
Socks: Local Heroes
Shoes: Missguided

This was another look shot by the wonderful JC and make-up/ hair by Pascale.

Lets all take a moment to appreciate my EYEBROWS ON FLEEEEEK #eyebrowgamestrong! Pascale did a amazing job and making my brows oh so sassy! I actually didnt let her take it off after the shoot and i walked around London with them for the evening because hell why not!?

I may or may not have kinda broken the kids bike. I tried to ride the bike around and as you can see the front tire is now slightly flat.... I like to think that's because im going to the gym and obvs getting bare hench ha!

This shoot was SOOO fun and i was in pastel heaven!! May we all take a moment to appreciate this uh-mazing kitchen! This is literally the only time you will find me in a kitchen haha! I HATE cooking and i'm a bit like Bridget Jones at it (eg SHIT) so my mates normally steer clear!

So anyway this shoot was literally my heaven so thanks JC and Pascale - BIG LOVE!!

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  1. I love these pictures!!! So fun and so pretty :D
    Your eyebrows are perfect, yesss!!
    Aww, if I had a pastel kitchen like that I'd never leave it ;') way too cute

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