Specsavers, you are Spec-tacular


Now this is when you know you are getting old, when you are more excited at a pair of glasses than you are a new pair of shoes.

Yes, my eyesight has gone drastically down in the past 2 years (well to me it feels like it has anyway ha). I blame my days sat staring at a computer blogging, along with my film degree ha. Now I am 'that person' who forgets their glasses and has to walk right up to the train boards and squint to see what platform my train is!

Thankfully Specsavers have always been there for me! Big love to the Wokingham Store who are the best and have sorted myself, mum and sis out for the past few years!

I genuinely get very excited when a new range of glasses comes out because as i discussed with Gok when i interviewed him last year  "Your glasses are one of the most important part of your appearance because they are on your face!" Too right Gok!

This season the new ranges have gone extra cool with ranges out by Converse, Puma, Cheap Monday and Roxy!

I opted for a uber stylish Karl Lagerfeld pair (and yes i probably did that because its the closest i'm ever going to get to Chanel ha!).

Karl Lagerfeld is undoubtedly one of the world’s most influential and iconic designers, with an extensive and supremely successful portfolio. The Karl Lagerfeld eyewear collection is contemporary cosmopolitan but includes some classic styles. These frames have all been designed for the fashion- and quality-conscious, sophisticated customer.You can have two complete pairs of Karl Lagerfeld designer glasses for £125, including standard PENTAX single vision lenses. You can even make designer sunglasses your second pair.

I got style 'Karl Lagerfeld 08'*. The luxurious walnut wood-effect on this acetate plastic frame has a variety of brown tones that add texture to the frame and pick up light on the face of the wearer. With a soft, rounded shape that is highly flattering, this frame attracts attention for all the right reasons.

When i went to collect my glasses i magically won a gold ticket which gave me 50% off my next pair of glasses and luckily i had completely fallen in love with this £69 Harrier frame. So i treated myself, after all glasses are an investment because i'm always going to need them!

That's what i love about Specsavers. They know that glasses arn't something people choose but its something that people have to live with so they try and make it as easy as possible and make it into a positive experience. So thank you Specsavers for all your 2 for 1, golden ticket, cool new designer frame amazingness! It is much appreciated by all of us glasses wearers!

Thanks Specsavers for being my eyesight saviours! <3

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  1. Cute eyewear :)
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