Bestival Style | K Way saves the day


Dungarees: Rokit Vintage*
Bucket Hat: Duck and Cover* 
Socks: Glenmuir*

The festival season (along with the summer) is coming to an end *sobs*. 

This years festivals have been a bit of a wash out (although that didn't stop the fun obvs). It started off well with a sunny Wireless but ended up with utter downpours at Secret Garden Party and Reading Festival (oh what a surprise Reading is ALWAYS a wash out). 

Many of you may be waiting with fingers crossed at the weather report for this weekends Bestival Festival.  I know the stress when it comes to festival style and rain, its not a good combination. The decision between being dry and warm vs wearing that colourful skimpy outfit you can only get away with wearing once a year is REAL. I did the first option for Reading Fest circa 2011 and looking back at the photo's now i just look like a idiot in tights and wearing quite literally a bin bag or overpriced plastic poncho in EVERY PHOTO. It's fair to say there is nothing fun or stylish about being waterproof... until now.  

Introducing my new festival saviour K-Way! The stylish, lightweight and self contained pac-a-mac that comes in every colour under the sun. Yes, no annoying bag that you lose within the first five seconds, it folds up into itself and has a handy elasticated waist band so it doesn't have to be a burden. It can just fit around your waist right next to your bumbag and you are all set. It's a worthy investment for any keen festival goer. So if you are heading to Bestival check them out (plus there is student discount horraaaay, I'm actually excited if it rains now. Plus the fluro colour means my friends can't lose me in the crowd (yes i'm that friend who always some how gets separated from the group).

If you are going to Bestival this weekend have a fab time, i'll be at home with a green face of envy.

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