Don't Look Back, You're Not Going That Way


Phoebe Phox Photography
 Dress: Dressin*
Hat: Primark
Jacket: Warehouse 
Shoes: H&M

So this little floral number from Dressin is my fave dress at the moment. Yes i'm feeling those Autumn vibes! The vintage floral print and bell sleeves is just too 70s to resist.

These glasses are also not coming off my face anytime soon. They were my nan's and i recently got them reglazed so i could wear them - i am so in love its ridiculous! I spent ages looking for a good deal as at £60+ for a reglaze, which is pretty pricey.  After much searching I came across Ciliary Blue who did it for a bargain £15 and they were so helpful and wonderful i could not recommend them more! I'm definitely going to get a few more pairs of my nan's done with them. I love wearing her glasses now as i always have a little piece of my nan with me and she would love that. 


  1. These pictures are so so beautiful, I love the style of the dress, the setting of the shots, everything is perfect!

    Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane


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