Ex-girl she the female version of me


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 Boys Ain't Shit Tee: Local Heroes

When I was at uni everyone called me the girl who dressed like a boy or to rephrase Drake "Ex-girl she the female version of me". 

I miss those days, i can still remember how excited I was to receive my Obey Cap and going to the Ron Cooke Hub in the pouring rain to collect it. Myself and a mate then randomly dyed my friends hair red and a strand of our hair red, which kinda matched my cap.

Unfortunately my PS2 did not come with me to uni because I only had one controller so thought it was a stupid idea. Probably for the best because otherwise i would have been playing The Simpsons Road Rage or Tony Hawk forever and definitely would not have got a 2:1. Actually thinking about it i did play on a friends PS1 a bit - like wtf who still has a PS1!? haha.

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  1. Can't beat a bit of Drake to give you a post name haha! As if you still have a PS1, I thought I was retro with my PS2!

    Made In The 1990's.


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