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Phoebe Fox Photography

Jumpsuit: Boohoo* 
Visor and Septum Ring: VidaKush*

The other week myself and the wonderful Phoebe did a spot of night shooting in Soho. I would retell some of the stories of our Saturday night shooting in Sex Shops, but i am still mentally blocking them.

However, we did befriend a man whose house we shot outside of who started showing us his glasses collection. We also had a lot of gay couple's saying I looked fabulous and to never try and succeed on the stage because it ruined them haha. Whilst we were shooting this one a group of foreign teenager boys stopped and in a very mature way started heckling 'nice boobalaaaar'.

Thank you Phoebe for pushing me into those Sex Shops as these images are sick! We thought London at night would be the perfect way to show off this amazing Boohoo jumpsuit, that is now only £15! I love a good jumpsuit and this one with its little boob hole makes a statement for all the right reasons, whilst also being sophisticated.


  1. Absolutely love this shoot! So editorial!!


  2. I love so much the pictures,they are perfect for me! http://maybeyouarejealous.blogspot.fr/


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