LFW SS16 Day 5 Street Style


Image Via WWD

Hat: eBay 
Jacket: H&M
Jeans: Topshop
Scarf: ASOS
Shoes: H&M
Glasses: Vintage

By the 5th day of LFW I had pretty much given up on what to wear. I had taken over my sisters living room with an absurd amount of clothes and shoes that I had managed to get up there in a suit case i usually take on a 2 week holiday (and i had had to sit on the fully expanded case to get it shut). 

I was determined to wear my Bart Simpson cap at LFW. All my evenings spent searching eBay for novelty tea pots and The Simpson's memorabilia paid off when I won this hat for 99p! After asking the seller to measure the circumference of the hat as it is a boys age 7-8 and being thankful i have such a small head I had my fingers crossed no one else would find it and they didn't wahooo. 

The good thing about being a twin is that i can also borrow all of her wardrobe (soz Lou). However, my sister saved the day by lending me her jacket and very awesome fur extravaganza scarf, which made the outfit. 

Although, i knew it was a fashion week crime i had no choice but to double wear my jeans from the second day (ahhh SHOCK HORROR ha). I thought i would get away with it, that was until i was snapped twice on Woman's Wear Daily on exactly those days. So there you have it proof that i double wore the same jeans to fashion week - cheers WWD. However, i am very lucky because if that pic was zoomed out slightly you would have seen my flared jeans tucked into my socks as the rain came pouring down and i was trying to get to Amanda Wakeley without looking like a drowned rat.

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