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After 5 days of London Fashion Week I was exhausted and finding myself half halfheartedly clapping at the end of each show. However, I wasn't just tired physically, I was also tired of seeing nothing really groundbreaking and fresh come down the catwalks. There had been nothing fun or fitting for an eccentric like me (apart from a slight hint at Fyodor Golan). My reaction to attending most shows was a bit like this kid:

 I was finding it all quite monotonous. That was until I was handed my ticket to Ashish and knowing it was literally rarer than Tinkerbells gold dust held onto it for dear life.

I'm not going to lie, after waiting in a queue half way up the car park for 40 minutes, (yes LFW is now in a car park for those of you who didn't get the memo - not impressed). Then being squidged elbow to elbow in my seat (none of which were Ashish & co's fault i might add), I was starting to feel slightly despondent. However that was soon gone in quite literally a poof of glitter as the first models hit the catwalk.

They were wonderful, they were fierce, they were strutting better than i ever could and more importantly they were two men in heels, opening Ashish's SS16 Womenswear collection. There was a unanimous feeling of relief as the audience felt reassured that FINALLY we were going to be in for quite a show. Some of us may have even got a little over excited and started whooping. But hey, who cares about the normal fashion week etiquette, Ashish isn't normal, he extraordinarily defies boundaries and that is why we love him.

I could write books about the show but i'm going to try and keep this simple and write only in detail about a few of my favourite things or we all could be here till Christmas....

Ashish created one hell of a party that included:

Cool Skater Chicks

Yes, these girls were not just talented models but also talented skaters, (including the Internets own Charlie Barker). The Ashish show was basically play time as they skated down the catwalk. Appaz Charlie had a bit of a nip slip but I didn't see anything (don't believe everything you read on The Daily Mail kidzzz). If it did happen, I can image Ashish would totally not have minded and she would have got a high five.

Their skating skills made me very envious as I have always wanted to able to skateboard but it seems I do not have the coordination and broken nose number 5 (yep i'm that clumsy) really doesn't seem like a very good idea. Saying that, as i sat in my seat, wanting to snatch a board and join in i would totally have a good go at it, if it meant i could walk (or skate) in an Ashish show.

 Fuck Gender Roles

Well if this doesn't scream FUCK GENDER ROLES i don't know what does. I'm pretty sure I LOL'D out loud when this dress showing all the female private parts came down the runway. I bloody love it #FREETHEFUCKINGNIPPLE!!! If you follow me on instagram you will know I'm not a prude (soz mum, she tells me off about it a lot). So much so I think every time I go on a shoot now the only thing she says is 'don't take off your clothes' or 'don't get your boobs out'.  When you are a model and you are standing just in your pants and heels changing in a studio in front of everyone all day you just honestly don't care anymore.

There Were SO Many Glittering Masterpieces I Could Shit Rainbows  

Loyal Ashish model and ABSOLUTE BABE Chloe Norgaard wore one of the more sophisticated and chic designs (hands up if you want this as your wedding outfit *hand shoots up*). 

 I also had the pleasure of catching Chloe straight after the show whilst she had a smoke outside the glam Soho car park. Rewind back to my first season of LFW years ago when Chloe had colourful hair and wasn't that well known. I was sat on a step backstage eating the leftover donuts put out for the models. I directed her towards the toilets, the donut almost falling out my mouth because she just exuded coolness.

Anyway, show continuing: There was a lot of tulle and an absolute fuck load of glitter (also check out the sequin trainers GIMME GIMME).  I will happily wear this as my next birthday suit. Talk about feeling like a Princess or Goddess.


It was at this moment that I realised I would have to restrain myself from running onto the catwalk and guiding the model (along with outfit) towards the nearest fire exit. This dress has ALL OF my heart and don't even get my started on the bucket hats. We all know i have a soft spot for bucket hats.

I'm going to end by saying If you don't have anything nice to say, then read what's on this girls outfit...


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