Mcdonalds. Mcdonalds. Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut


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 Bikini: Velvet Sphynx*
Glasses: New Dress*

 Here ya go guys feast your eyes on me eating pizza in a pizza bikini (Yes this was a good day)!

I have been wanting to do this for ages ha because you know how much i love a novelty set up and this pizza bikini just needed to be worn whilst eating pizza. It's from the incredible brand Velvet Sphynx so if you are searching for some rad new swimwear check them out.

Rihanna has also in recent months been seen in this bikini - although looking obvs a lot better than me! I really need to invest in Photoshop if im going to keep putting images of myself on the internet for thousands of people to see, i dont ever really think this through.

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