Ray Of Sunshine


 Dress: Trendsgal*
Sandals: Warehouse

Lots of you commented on this dress asking if it was For Love & Lemons. The truth is its a dupe (ah i know - im a bad person)! But it cost under a tenner and look how good of a dupe it is! 

I also hate wearing sandals - i'm not a sandals person. My feet doesn't know what's happened when it comes out of Creepers or Dr Martens. So these sassy silver one's from Warehouse saved my life for my summer holiday (and they were in the sale for £7 SCORE)!

Also lets all take a minute to appreciate the utter 'fashion blogger' pose i have mastered in this post. The 'i'm candidly pushing my hair off my face' is a favourite ha! My sister tried it after and failed MAJORLY - her hand kept looking freaky and we just ended up in a fit of laughter. So yeah that was a cool story bro. 

Sorry this is a short post - short but sweeeet.

Love ya,

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  1. love it! keep seeing these for love n lemons dupes, will have to get one no way am i paying over £300 for the original! http://sarahinwonderlust.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/hola-chica.html


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