Ghetto Barbie


Two Set: Adidas 
Septum Ring: Galisfly  
Hair Extensions: Irresistible Hair 

I found this Adidas two set in my swimwear draw. I had to do a little bit of a Princess Mia as she tried to put her tights on in the back of Joe's limo to get it on. But i finally did. To be fair it is like a kids age 12-13 and i am now 22... 

Anyway, i decided to make myself a bit like a ghetto barbie adding my hair extensions, bucket hat and septum ring just cos why the hell not.

In other news now that my metabolism is not the same rate as my 12 year old self I had a personal training session the other day. I hadn't been to the gym in so long (fashion week season happened). So they offered me a free one to get me back into things (score!). It's been two days and i still cant feel my arms like literally cannot move my upper body. I'm not in pain, im in paaaaaaaaain. It took me a good 35mins to get out of my gym gear and into the hot bath. I think i just did my arm workout for the year.

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  1. Hahaha, you're always so fit though, maybe you should retire from the gym. Heheee. Love the tongue-in-cheek way you do your poses - so much attitude! Great post babe! :D

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW


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