Halloween Make-Up For Dummies #ClairesScares


Grey Hairspray: Claire's Accessories*
Basically everything Claire's Accessories****

So the lovely people at Claire's Accessories *fan girlsssss* sent me a massive Halloween box in order for me to look fab this Halloween. There was just one slight problemo... a lot of it was make-up bits that i have absolutely no idea how to use. Like fake eyelashes - those things genuinely scare me!

 Anyway, i was determined! And just check this out! Even if you are rubbish at make-up you can still succeed (with a bit of cheating and help from Claire's Accessories). If like me you find make-up intimidating and even more so your friends are just naturals at it and always look amazing *insert my beauty blogger friends*, you don't have to feel left out anymore just pop down to Claire's!

The whole ordeal of me actually doing make-up was pretty hysterical so whilst struggling in my bathroom i spontaneously got my camera and filmed it. It is not a tutorial, it is basically just a relate able video of a girl who had used white face paint to try and contour her face as she doesn't own a contour kit (in this day and age does that still exist!?). Anyway, watch below for previews of my favourite beauty tools including cellotape, toilet roll and face paint:

Claire's Accessories - fulfilling my heart with girly stuff since 1999! <3


  1. I love your make-up and i can't wait for Halloween ! http://maybeyouarejealous.blogspot.com/

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  3. Those black clothes are so sexy!

  4. Wish I would have had that outfit for my halloween party :)


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