I Went To The Shops Today And I Bought: The Simpsons X SkinnyDip London (& McDonalds)


 Krusty Shake Iphone Case: SkinnyDip London*
Krusty Shake Bag: SkinnyDip London*


I have been like a little kid waiting for Christmas. I have been counting down the days till The Simpsons x SkinnyDip London collection came out and boy oh boy it was worth it! 

I nearly had to use one of the McDonalds paper bags to help me breathe as i kinda hyperventilate when i opened the package! (This is no lie my sister was witness and had a very unimpressed look on her face at my childishness).

EVERYBODY who has seen this collection just FALLS IN LOVE with it! I mean, whats not to love? I love The Simpson's, I love food and obvs I love SkinnyDip (their phone cases were actually the only reason i got a iphone). So it's basically THE best thing ever.

I thought i would do something a little bit different and show you two of the items in a little still life set up. It also gave me an excuse to go to McDonalds at 11am on a Tuesday and then eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Anyway, hope you like it! More posts will be coming soon and in the meantime check out the full collection over on SkinnyDip ! 



  1. This is such a cool post! (now im seriously craving mcdonalds though)

    Flower Crowns and Fairytales

  2. This blog had a to a great degree solid effect on me.

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