K-Way's 50th Anniversary x #50BoysOfSummer x Fucking Young!


 What I Wore:
Jacket: YOINS 
Skirt: H&M
"Hey Sabs, want to go to a party with 50 male models" is basically what I heard when I got invited to #50BoysOfTheSummer.  This was quickly followed by fan girling over Fucking Young and proudly looking at my K-Way hanging in my wardrobe, as the party was to celebrate 50 years of their pac-a-mac's keeping people dry and stylish.

So off i went to the depths of Shoreditch (i mean duh where else would it be).  Already prepared to be intimidated by the cool kids i stuck to wearing all black so that i could blend. However, on the tube i realised my shoe felt funny and looked down to see the platform bit had actually split in half, right in the middle. Therefore, I was playing a dangerous game of 'this could dramatically rip in half at any minute' and i could be tragically hobbling... or shoe-less. Luckily i did manage to get home with them in one piece however, i do fear i was walking as if i had sh*t myself all evening (but a few quickly downed Prosecco bottles quickly sorted out my self-consciousness).

 I was right, the room was filled with every cool kid and pretty person in what felt like the entirety of London. This was also down to the fact that the place was PACKED. Talk about a room with a view. I'd only been there 5 mins and had already had a man bun literally in my face at the bar.

The location had 3 separate and spectacular spaces. The first had a projection of 50 Boys Of Summer, an exclusive Fucking Young! Online series that explores the relationship between fashion and ‘British Lad’ culture. I would happily have stood there all night sipping on my Prosecco watching (trying not to drool) over it. You can watch it below (you're welcome).

The second room had black and white prints hanging on the walls of the incredibly styled/ modeled/ photographed images. It was quite disconcerting as I looked at one images (for an elongated amount of time admiring the *cough* um K Way) only to look to my left and see the male model in the photo standing across the room. I honestly nearly choked and spat out on my rum and coke (yes i was now on rum and coke - peeps do not mix alcohol, i keep learning this lesson). Enjoy the images of me trying to copy the photo's, especially the one of the boy with his shirt over his head. All i have to say is thank goodness i was wearing a tight crop top so it wouldn't actually fit over my head.

Also mounted on the walls were printed postcards of the images so you could take your fave boy/ boys home with you. No i did not take all of them however if I had had a pen it was very tempting to walk around the party and try and get the male model to write their number of the back.

A little later in the evening the tunes started flowing, the bar expanded and THE party began. Kudos to whoever the DJ's were because there was not one bad tune and the good vibes were flowing. Also by this time beer was also flowing into my body (i repeat, do not mix drinks).

I shall end by asking, can it be K-Ways 50th Anniversary like every Friday? (Friday not Tuesday so i can get away with having a hangover not on a work day) Please and thank you.

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