Hello, i've met some pricks in my time, but you sir are a cactus



I did not just get this dress so that i could make cactus jokes.... well i kinda did. 

I was so happy to receive it and all the other goodies, so thank you Ark! I miss Ark so much being back down South now. I can't believe its over a year since I modelled their SS14 collection. Since then they have had a awesome new makeover and i'm just lusting over everything. They also stock cool brands such as Motel Rocks and HotMess, which is always great because i can do all more shopping from one site- score.  

Now for the girly bit about the cactus. Girls, we all know a cactus/ biggest prick in the world.

I recently had the most hilarious moment of sitting on a cold and foggy street corner at 3am, back in my uni town i hadn't been to for a year. Feeling very nostalgic, my friend and I sat on the pavement (drunk, duh) and somehow had managed to put on Adele's new song 'Hello'... on repeat.

As we sat there I actually felt pretty good, only a secret tinge of embarrassment was left about a letter i wrote that nearly beat Rachel's 18 page front and back letter to Ross (nice one Sabs!). Pretty much my exact situation has been beautifully explained by my lovely soul sister Katie in this post.  I wish i could write something so eloquent but due to my high level of dyslexia and lack of bravery i shall just let you read hers instead. 

However, my dear friend was definitely still on phase 1 of 'I love him, i'm going to get him back'. She had gone through all the correct stages, already deleting him from her contacts and other social media's such as Snapchat (always key on a night out). So in theory she should of been okay. Nope. The guy is a mutual friend so she ended up taking and snapchatting him off my phone. She somehow had also managed to memorize his phone number - Bridget Jones moment *fuuuuuuuuck*. Yep she sent him an essay text.

But tell ya what i was sat there, reading this long text she sent him and the most part of me was like 'YOU GO GIRL!' I mean there is a line between expressing your feelings (in a somewhat dramatic drunk way) and being a psycho jealous bitch and i feel we were both on the normal side. All you can ever do in life is be honest with yourself and others, even if the consequences might scare you.

I have come to the conclusion that relationships are just all down to timing. One day someone special may walk into your life who ticks all the boxes. However, you may think that the same or even better type of person will come into your life at a later stage, when your actually ready and therefore let them go. The fear being that in the future you will actually discover that that person was actually rarer than you thought and you should of stuck with them. The issue being... only time will tell.

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