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Okay, so firstly i would like to point out i tried to do glitter roots in this post... but it mostly turned out to look like dandruff - nice one Sabs! Once again proving i am not a beauty blogger.

I wanted to feel all magical and glittery to match this dress by Tullulah's Threads. You all know glitter and unicorns are like two of my favourite things. And this dress is perfect because its actually a grown up unicorn dress. From the amazing style to the black and silver combo - its sassy and smart. My mum even likes it (shock horror!). Therefore i got to wear it on Christmas Day - the dress shape perfectly hiding my massive food baby (extra points). Side Note: You can also get the unicorns is loads of other colours!

Tullulah Threads has SO many amazing designs for all of you who love cute unicorns, rainbows, space planets and vintage finds. So if that sounds up your street - check out their store .

These sassy suede boots are also helping me smarten up my look. I am loving boots that zip up all the way - it helps to get a great tight fit. The statement silver zip coupled with the black suede boots also makes me feel kinda rock star and i will definitely be rocking this outfit with a leather jacket soon.


  1. love the dress! :) try the glitter roots thing in gold - may stand out better on brunette styles! x

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