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Heart Jumper: Local Heroes

Here is my last post from NYC with Local Heroes. On this day we did all the touristy stuff like walked the high line, which was super pretty.  And i'm not being a twat by wearing sunglasses it was actually really sunny. Still chilly but WAY more sunny than it is over here. 

We were in New York for Thanksgiving and were staying right by Macy's so got to see the parade and stuuuuff. Yeah proper tourists ha, although my sis and I just kept on referencing Friends the whole time (and eating lots of Cheetos). 

I love this design of the transparent heart from Local Heroes. Last season they did a tee that i loved so i am very pleased they translated the design into a sensible jumper for the winter weather.

Thanks LH for letting me take your new Fake Holiday collection on holiday with me - i have never been so well dressed on a holiday... or packed my suitcase so neatly. It did indeed feel slightly like a 'Fake' holiday as everyone who goes on a city break will know, its not that relaxing but I got to see some new places and do fun stuff - and more importantly EAT ALL THE CAKES AND FRIES.


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