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Kiran Gidda photography
Backpack: SkinnyDip London*
Shoes: ASOS
Skirt: HM
Top: DealSale, Blouse Item Number: SV027798*

Heya Guys,

Since being back from NYC i have been in Shoreditch (what feels like) non-freakin-stop. And I have a new appreciation for London. After wandering around NY I now know the definition of 'loitering'. Literally people just sitting or hanging on the street, which doesn't happen on the same level in London. Probably because we have so many pubs... and a under 21 drinking age.

Look at me being all trendy and actually owning something 'on trend', which is this lace-up black top. (lace up tops are still a thing right!?). Whilst in NY i also had some left over dollar dollar so bought myself a pair of trendy Stan Smiths. To start off with i did feel like a bit of a twat blinding people with the whiteness of them (they literally looked like they had been drowned in Daz). New trainer issues. But thanks to a hectic schedule running around London they are now more 'urbanfied', and are already scuffed - nice one Sabs.
Anyway - sorry i went on a bit of a trainer tangent there didn't i? I'm gunna stop writing now.

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  1. Very sexy look!! Great leather skirt!!

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