Stick It On Me


 Stickers: Lazy Oaf x The Ragged Priest
1-800-SANTA-BABY Jumper: Five Pound Tree*
Heya guysss

Sorry i know i usually do a full on Christmassyyyy post but i have come down with the flu (Merry FAAACKIN Christmas to me!)

 So instead have some wonderful pics I shot with Kiran Gidda last week where i got myself in a bit of a sticky situation (get it? ahhh i know i hate myself but i do love a good pun).

Plus I had to show you my FAVE Christmas jumper this year which is this 1-800-SANTA-BABY number from Five Pound Tree for a bargain £12. Any Drake fans out there NEED it!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas - i'm off to be a Prosecco Ho Ho Ho and watch Love Actually. Love Actually came out 12 years ago! JUST WHAT - I FEEL OLD. I can remember vividly having to find my Dad in Woolworths whilst Christmas shopping in 2003 because i wanted to buy our mum the Love Actually DVD or it may have even been video, i cant remember. Obvs i was young and had not watched the film but it must have been on her Christmas list.

As it gets closer to New Year i cant help by feel that i am in a lot better place this Christmas than last and i am actually excited for the new year (shock horror!). 


  1. What else is more Christmassy than putting cute things on your face? I honestly do not know.... May your Christmas and New Year be as amazing as those stickers (and naturally not to forget: jumper).


    1. Hi Dominique!
      Haha i know right!? Bit random but fun!
      Aw thank you! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

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