Waiting for Chuck Bass like.... : New York


Fake Top: Local Heroes
Jeans: Warehouse
Boots: Dr Marten
Heart Choker: Ebay

On Wednesday's we wear pink right!?

I just HAD to shoot this 'Fake' tee on the Met steps. As a avid Gossip Girl fan in my youth i thought it was very fitting. Any other Gossip Girl fans out there?

 Although unfortunately Chuck Bass in no where in my sights and as someone who was never cool at school i would totally have had to sit on a lower step. I am a far cry away from Blair Wardorf. Although fun fact: my twin still calls my 'S' that started because of Gossip Girl haha.

This post makes me chuckle because i honestly and truly get away with looking like a right bitch. I mean just look at that resting bitch face. Is it bad that i am proud that i pulled off such a bitchy look? haha. In real life I probably couldn't look this mean for so long unless i was on a commuter train at 7am and even then i find sleeping people on public transport really funny so usually have a chuckle.

So the summarise i enjoyed shooting this 'day in the life of a mean girl ha'.


  1. Love the top!
    I'm too shy to pull of the "resting bitch" face. Hahaha But I don't think it's bad to be proud of having one for a minute or two. (;

    Vegetarian CourtesyCheesePapas

  2. Lovely! Love the color blocking with the top! ;-)

    // Alix, www.ACommonObsession.com


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