Whatever Forever : New York


 Whatever Forever Jumper: Local Heroes
Skirt: Topshop
Tights: My Tights*
Socks: Local Heroes
Shoes: H&M

 I would not have been able to survive New York without these amazing fleecy tights from My Tights. Yeah these babies are 200 denier of fleecy opaque wonderfulness! Like quite literally your legs will never be cold in winter again - yay no reason to write off the mini's in the winter!

Around the Soho area in NY is some really cool graffiti walls including this one. You ALL know i love a graffiti wall so i thought i would shoot this Whatever Forever jumper in front of it.  Apart from the obvs amazing and unique designs Local Heroes create my other favourite thing is that the quality is always SUPERB. This jumper with its detail and snuggly soft touch is just another fine example of why they are one of my fave brands.

'Whatever Forever' can easily be described as my attitude a lot of the time (soz mum). Its not in a uncaring or teenage bad attitude way. Just for a lot of things in life i think its important to be able to just say 'whatever' and move on. If the word 'whatever' was used more i think there would be less ongoing arguments in life. People never like to walk away from a argument, they have to just keep going until they feel like they have won, which never actually happens.

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