You Lured Me In, I Couldn't Sense The Pain


Kiran Gidda Photography

Jacket: Yoins*
Dress: Kaleidoo*
Shoes: Just Fab*
Bag: JustFab*

At the moment my wardrobe could not survive without this bag and shoes from JustFab. This bucket bag is just perfect and i take it EVERYWHERE! A bag that finally i can lug around my laptop, camera and everything else. Plus if i do stop by the shops on my way home there is no 5p plastic bag charge for me - score! These shoes are also hands down THE comfiest heels i have ever owned and now i actually am looking forward to February LFW as i finally have a pair of heels that won't shred my feet. So thank you SO much JustFab for providing me with two staples i honestly now cannot live without!

This outfit is pure bad ass sports chic and all inspired by this pretty freaking cool dress from vintage shop Kaleidoo. As a keen vintage shopper i often go on loads of online vintage shops and its all pretty much same samey a lot of the time. But Kaleidoo stock some truly unique finds that are all equally bad ass! So if you are looking for a awesome vintage find check them out!

I finished off this look with my tassle leather jacket that i have been wearing non stop and SO many people have loved. It's lightweight so perfect for just throwing on to go to an event without worrying about boiling on the tube. I am also pleased to report i have not got stuck in any doors get - skillz!

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