Don't Sweat The Small Stuff


Tracksuit Bottoms: Local Heroes
Shoes: Stan Smiths
Tilly* My dog 

I shot this late last year with Kiran Gidda but have not had a moment to post it! This cute UNIF crop top is perfect for Spring and if you love UNIF and live in the UK make sure to check out Skinniebelle before buying from anywhere else. UK shipping makes it SOO much easier and not to mention cheaper on the P+P. 

I also have spent my last few (very) lazy sunday's in these awesome Local Heroes sweat pants. Believe me when i say, oh my goodness they are so comfy! Plus, the best part is i actually look stylish whilst slobbing out! Last Sunday my twin and I decided to have a throwback day so we watch Mary-Kate and Ashley films ( Holiday In The Sun and Passport To Paris to be exact). We also made M&M chocolate chip cookies (of which i ate 99%). It was the perfect Sunday but i didn't half feel bad at being so lazy when my personal trainer today asked me what i got up to at the weekend. I didn't dare tell him i spent is pretty much on my arse eating all the highly refined sugar foods i could find. 


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