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Happy New Year everyone!

 So instead of just telling you all my New Years resolutions, I thought I would wear them (cos why not!?). I use resolutions as more of a mental note to self rather than beating myself up about them if I dont stick to them/ turn out the way i wanted. So here goes:

1. Would Give It All Up For Love

I thought this post would be a great excuse to show off my slogan tee's from Crown Love and it was this tee that inspired me to write this post. Numero uno (not serious at all but just putting it out there) 'to find a boyfriend' lol, not legit at all (*as i silently cry into my G+T* am i right ladies? haha). However, what i will keep in mind is to put myself out there a bit more. I act kinda mean towards boys on nights out because i don't like being 'hit on' the whole thing just makes me awkward and cringe... and don't even get me started on Tinder. 

2. Once Upon A Dream

Ah dreams. There are the unattainable childhood dreams, sadly i now know i'm never going to become Sabrina The Teenage Witch :(. Then were the teenage dreams where everyone wanted to become Brittany Spears (up until it hit 2007 anyway) and was mentally dating a celebrity or TV character (I LOVE YOU HARVEY KINKLE). And then when you hit a certain age *cough* around 22 your dreams are to:

 A. never get old (lol not gunna happen)
 B. be accepted and loved (not completely off limits)
C. get a job that you love and can survive off (in a creative industry - good luck!)

 And right now that's pretty much where i'm at. I'm content with small steps even if some people arn't always. Life is just a series of small steps and then you look back one day and have actually gone a bloomin long way so here's hoping my road gets a bit longer this year. This time last year I was well into my months of interning at a VERY well known fashion magazine, was quite literally exhausting myself with little sleep due to commuting, worries due to paying to do internships and finally i quite literally got exhaustion and ended up in hospital (nice one Sabs, Devil Wears Prada - eat your heart out). So when i think back to that time now I have in fact come a LONG way!

3. Exercise? I Thought You Said Extra Fries

I got this as a Christmas present (thank you The Levells) and love it so much. This jumper reminds me that its all about balance. I took around 4 months 'off' the gym at the end of 2015 after going 4 times a week for most of the year. I know some of that was because i was lazy, made excuses, had lost motivation etc but i think also i kinda subconsciously knew i needed a bit of a break.

I have seen SO many posts recently by Fashion Bloggers about there struggle with body dysmorphia and other mental health issues and i really do applaud them. Although i am lucky enough not to suffer like them I know that as girls we all go through cycles of beating ourselves up about our bodies. I think unfortunately that just comes with womanhood. Its okay to feel sh*t about yourself some of the time we all do but what we all have to remember is to put it in perspective and know that tomorrow or next week we will probably wake up feeling better (and less bloated lolz). I say this as my what was my abs are now hidden under a layer of what is probably cheese and prosecco but f*ck it life's too short, eat the yummy food.

Here is to having a wonderful 2016 with you lovely people!

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