I See Fire


Flame Shoes: Iron Fist*
Trousers: H&M
Jacket: Yoins*
Hat: Miss Selfridge 

So this is hands down my favourite outfit at the moment! It just makes me feel badass! I think that is mainly down to the combo of leather and these amazing flame shoes! As hot as this outfit looks it is also very hot to wear!

I am pretty much obsessed with my Iron Fist flame shoes - they are permanently on my feet at the moment. They even got a shout out on mine and Sasha's Hoxton Radio show live from LC:M, so if missed it have a little you can listen back here.

I think the shoes must also make me look hotter as i got chatted up a lot in them ha! BIG LOVE to Iron Fist for creating such awesome products! I was chatting to someone at LC:M about them and they said "Iron Fist, isn't that the brand for goths and scene kids?', I did LOL, but as you can see they are WAY WAY much more than that! Put the 2003 rumors in the bin and go check out they're new collection, i guarantee whatever your style you will find something that you will want.

I am also always to be seen in a bandana and large fedora hat at the moment - they are my two staples that i know will spruce up any outfit.



  1. I love your jacket and the shoes, waw !!


  2. adore this outfit! I'm really liking the bandana neck tie trend at the mo too! :) x http://sarahinwonderlust.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/maybelline-nude-pallets.html


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