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Whilst surfing the internet doing some shopping (obvs), I recently came across a site called Love The Sales and boy oh boy is it a gamechanger!

If you are like me whilst internet shopping and especially whilst sale shopping you end up having a gazillion tabs open of all your favourite high-street and designer shops: ASOS, American Apparel, Missguided, Topshop etc. And lets face it, things get very confusing and all the tabs make you very stressed and then eventually you have so many products tabs adding to the site tabs that your firefox/safari/ whatever explorer you use just crashes!

Now i am aware this isn't really a 'first world problem', but wouldn't it be lovely if ALL your sale shopping could be done on one webpage?

VoilĂ ! Enter Love The Sale! It has ALL your favourite high-street and designer faves. Trust me, i am always a bit pessimistic about these sites as i usually like lesser mainstream brands etc but they actually do have a fab selection! To demonstrate I have put together a wishlist of my fave things i found on the site.  If you sign up you can even get EVEN better deals, uh hello 72% off Alexander Wang - yes please!

My 12 Best Finds

1. Reiss Shearling Jacket- 30% off - NOW £625 
Who can say no to Shearling? We all deserve a investment piece this winter and i think i just found it, with an added 30% off - bonus! 

2. Boss Leather Trousers - 30% off- NOW £90.25
Okay come on now, Boss Leather Trousers for £90 - is this a joke? I feel like these are so cheap it's like illegal or something. (obvs it is all legit)

3. Fred Perry Harrington Jacket - 43% off - NOW £85
This has been on my wishlist forever! And i am that type of person who always google's 'discount code' for stuff to see if i can get more off ha. But with 43% off i dont even need to bother or try!

4. Nike Flyknit - 42% off - NOW £70 
I recently came back from New York and these were more expensive than this over there with Dollar conversion! So save yourself a trip to America for 'bargain clothes'. 

5. House of Holland Mushroom Jumper - 33% off - NOW £130 
I love love this adorable Mushroom jumper by the one and only House of Holland.

6. AX Paris Patent Skirt - 45% off - NOW £12
£12!...... £12!... that is all.

7. Moschino Metallic Bomber Jacket - £41% off - NOW £165 

8. American Apparel Top - 35% off - NOW £20.80
Your telling me I dont need to go into a AA store, where all the pretty people make me feel insecure PLUS i get 35% off? RESULT!

9. MinkPink Nightie - 20% off - NOW £23.20
This item speaks for itself. 

10. Missguided Pom Pom Heels - 43% off - NOW £35
Dear these shoes, please get in my life ASAP.

11. Wildfox Sunglasses - 50% off - NOW £74
I have wanted these sunglasses FOREVER from a few seasons ago. But see there is method in waiting because now you get them for half price!

12.Topshop Velvet Dress - 30% off - NOW £21
Walks into Topshop, pays £48 average for a dress. Shop online from comfort of own home, pay £21. I love this. 

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