Yo Cruella De Ville! Where the 101 Dalmations at?


Jeas: Warehouse
Shoes: H&M
Hat: Miss Selfridge

I have been living in this outfit recently... or mainly the coat. IT'S JUST SO FREAKING AWESOME! I got it before Christmas from Rokit, Covent Garden and it was just one of those lucky days where you find a GEM!

 It was also very useful as I had it to keep my very hungover self warm on the way back from the longer and heavier Yahoo GOTG christmas party than i thought. *ah good times and way too much tequila*

It has also kept the people of London entertained as i have had numerous people should 'Oi! Cruella De Ville!' after me. So i'm now going to be a villain for Winter - catch me if you can.

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