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Jacket: Dressin*
Glasses: Dressin*
Top: Depop
Badge: Local Heroes
Jeans: Boohoo 
Shoes: H&M


This outfit made me smile, but boy did i get some weird looks walking around Chiswick. I recently turned my room upside down to find this tee to wear to LC:M because i thought it was funny. I got it for like £2 off Depop but mainly wear it as a pyjama top.  You know when you find those funny tee's that you just can't resist buying? Yeah, it was one of them.

I also have a slight obsession with puffer jackets at the moment. UNIF have done some awesome ones but if you want a cheaper alternative like i did, definitely check out Dressin. I also don't know why i chose these glasses, i just thought they were retro and cool. I think i got that from when i did all those shoots with Bird On A Wire Vintage and they had so many coloured glasses i was so in love. On the bright side it makes the grey sky look a bit warmer.

Hope you have had a good week guys! Happy FRIYAAAAY!

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