London Fashion Week AW16: Care Bear Stree Style


So, this was my favourite outfit from my four days at LFW this season. I love it mainly because i look like a rainbow and who can't like that!? I have been saving these incredible Care Bear pieces from Iron Fist foreverrrr and LFW was the perfect excuse to wear them. 

I used the Care Bear bag nearly everyday because its just so cute and such a good size! I even caught photographers backstage at Ashish taking photo's of it when i had dumped it in a corner in all the backstage madness. Now that's saying something, if they turn away from the afro glitter king Ashish  to take a pic of a bag on the floor! 

I feel I do look slightly like a toddler though because of the dunga's but oh my goodness i am obsessed with these dungarees! I could live in them! Although at LFW i found out that they are infact mens and there is a handy little zip that i'm sure if i was at a festival and had a Shewee would come in very handy. But that's not very FASHUN.

Finally, lets talk about the avocado socks and rainbow trainers. These avo socks as we know are just so instagrammable because EVERYONE loves an avo! Plus, these socks look a lot better than my burnt avo on toast in the mornings. The Areta x Reebok rainbow trainers came for their first outing with me to LFW as they have been living in the box in pride of place in my room a bit like a trophy because they are just soooo pretty and i didnt want to ruin them. Those days are now gone as being London and being Fashion Week the heavens opened and they are now very muddy but hopefully nothing a good wash can't fix. However, at least now they arn't in mint condition i will wear them out SO MUCH.

You can also find features of me in this outfit over on New Look and Mashable.


  1. The care bears! That brings back some good ol' memories! Love your outfit (as always). <3


  2. Seriously obsessed with this outfit!!


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