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Photography:Katie Wateridge

I was feeling strangely calm and collected for the second day of LFW as my 7am wake-up call went off.  It could just have been that i may have been ever so slightly hungover from the two parties i had somehow ended up at the night before. My hotel room was now complete with Burger King wrappers on the floor that i remember getting on my way through Leicester Square at 2am - classy Sabs.

However, this morning i felt as if I had a lot of things going for me.  Firstly, I didn't have to worry about the manic stress of what to wear because i had teamed up with my mates over at Rokit Vintage (legit mates now because i'm in their Covent Garden shop so much). 

I had already laid out my gorgeous red velvet suit on a chair and as i got dressed i felt as if i had just walked out of Gucci and felt ever so stylish. Or, side note: I looked a bit like Austin Powers, but either way it ROCKED.  It even matched my Costa coffee cup, so i was feeling every part the fashionista as i made my way to my first show of the day at The Topshop Showspace that took place at the Tate Britain.

Everyone loves the distinguished Topshop Showspace not only because it holds some of the most popular shows like Fashion East and Henry Holland but also because Topshop puts on a great spread of healthy juice's and breakfast food - so naturally there was room for a second breakfast.

Fashion East's show was incredible (as always). On the FROW was Lottie Tomlinson (yes, she is Louis Tomlinson from 1D's sis). A bit further down the catwalk was a very inconspicuous Marc Jacobs. Plus on the catwalk was super cool models Molly Bair and Georgia May Jagger. My favourite designer was Caitlin Price who had gone for a 90s grunge feel with funky cut outs, side ponytails and fake piercings.

So, sounds like a pretty cool show right? Yep it was, however what i have not told you is that during all of this i was dealing with a CODE RED SITUATION!!!!

 I had gone to anxiously take my seat at the show and as i sat down my trousers decided to let one rip and did a cracking job at splitting right down the arse! Now, i like to blame this on the fact that i have been doing too many legs, bums and tums classes at my gym. However, it wasn't really the opportune moment. Thank goodness for the cold British weather because i had put leggings on underneath to try and beat to chill. However, like a pro, which i kinda am at these situations because i am ridiculously clumsy. I subtly tied the jacket around my waist and tried not to go as red as the suit itself.

Before i could head back to the office in my ripped pants I firstly attended the incredible Faustine Steinmetz presentation and it was SO worth it! Her absolutely beautiful clothes were displayed more like a art exhibition as models were in colour co-ordinated boxes with only small slits for the audience to view through. I spoke about my love for her use of cotton in a video about her presentation.

Meanwhile whilst i was recovering from hitting rock bottom my wonderful photographer Katie Wateridge was over at Fashion Scout helping me report on the shows taking place there.

Photography:Katie Wateridge

Judy Wu was proving that capes really are all back in fashion. They are definitely making a HUGE comeback as they were also seen at Temperley London, Alexander McQueen, Erdem and Roksanda just to name a few.

Photography: Katie Wateridge

 Always a fave of mine is One's To Watch and it did not disappoint. I love this metallic purple number. It's also perfect for people in the itty bitty titty comittee like me. Also can we get a hell yeah to that MEGA #eyebrowgamestrong!

 In the evening I then headed to Zandra Rhodes presentation where the bubbles were flowing (it is very hard not to consume at least 3 glasses of alcohol a day at LFW). The structured floral pieces had a edgy hippy vibe and everyone was loving it. However, i think i was emotionally and physically drained from all my running around and traumatic pant split situation so I headed home after a little while to prepare for doing it all again the next day.

Even writing and thinking about all i did that day makes me exhausted.

So there you have it, that was only 2/4 days of LFW! I obvs wore Rokit Vintage every other day as well, so i will put outfits posts up very soon.If like me you are a Rokit Vintage fan, which lets face it, why wouldn't you be!? You can get an exclusive 20% off by using the code ECCENTRICLFW20 online.

As well as exclusive backstage pics from Ashish, yes i went backstage at the rainbow, glitter kings show and yes, it was UH-MAZING!

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