Backstage At Ashish AW16 | London Fashion Week (1/2)


Yes, I went backstage as Ashish. Yes, it was amazing!

 Having been a mega fan of Ashish for years I was SO excited to go backstage and see how they get the looks from backstage onto the catwalk. In fact i found it all a bit overwhelming. It being the eve before my birthday i felt as if it was a early birthday present to myself.

I tried to calm myself down as i walked up the stairs of Brewers Car Park that I had done many a time in the past few days for other backstage access but this one was different. This time i was excited and nervous with anticipation as i followed the literal glitter trail to Ashish's backstage.

The rest is kind of a bit of a blur as i was dazzled if not blinded by all the sequins.

I have also created a quick backstage vid for those of you who want to get a real inside glimpse into the whole afro, glitter world.

 I would say more but the pictures but I think they speak for themselves. I even got a bit happy snappy so this is going to be in two parts so i hope you love Ashish as much as me!


  1. The Ashish shows are always one of my favourite creatively! Great photos!

    1. I know right? Ashish is just awesome! Aw thank you Emma! <3 x

  2. wow! soo jealous! ashish always have fantastic shows! great to see the behind the scenes!


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