Backstage At Ashish AW16 | London Fashion Week (2/2)


Here is the second half of the Ashish LFW backstage. I had to do it in two parts because i got SO happy snappy. I mean come on how can you not!? Rainbow sequins and a set of people that look like a Crayola pack - it pretty much just photographs itself.

I know a few weeks have now passed since London Fashion Week - hey, i've had a birthday and been to Paris Fashion Week since. However, the spectacle of Ashish still remains in my mind. Or it might just be the remembrance of the fact that i should of probably joined the red shade of the pack during Ashish's show, as my face was bright red.

 After the whole trouser splitting accident the day before i thought that was all my bad luck for LFW over. However, I got so swept away backstage at Ashish (i mean come on its easy to do). I kind of forgot that i was meant to be sat in the second row. That was until all the models were lined up and having their final checks for the VERY imminent show. I panickedly asked a production member what to do, who pointed me to a door that i ran through to find a juxtaposing very quiet corridor with a office to the rest of the madness going on within BFC.

 A woman looked up at me as to say, 'what are you doing back here!?' in which my frazzled expression back explained 'I HAVE NO IDEAAAA!!!!'. Within only a few words she had picked up her walkie talkie and was running through the labyrinth of car park corridors whilst shouting orders down the device. I naturally followed her trying to keep up whilst holding of my numerous bags, camera and trying to get my legs to just move a little bit faster as they were pretty wrecked after i had had another unfortunate situation that had left me RUNNING. FOR. MY. LIFE to the Roksanda show only that morning (that's my exercise quota for the month done).

The next thing i know i was going through a white door and was being blinded by a white light (a bit like what you see in the movies when people go to heaven). Luckily i had not died (yet) but had just come out pretty much smack bang on the actual catwalk at the end of BFC showspace. I was suddenly aware that hundreds of people (all of which are the coolest kids in fashion cos duh its Ashish) were all (probably not, but could have been) looking at me.

Much like when a theatre production is about to start i could feel that if i didn't move quickly i was about to be trampled on by a pack of human Crayola's so i continued my what now i had deciphered as a twattish half walk, half run down the catwalk. I might add i was the ONLY person on the catwalk as everyone else including the cool Charlie XCX and Chloe Norgaard who were on the FROW had already taken their seats. I gave my most twattish, 'Heya, sorry about this' head bob, as i continued to run past them struggling to carry my massive (and not very subtle) care bear bag.

I ran to the end of the catwalk and decided to stand at the very back hiding myself behind people in the hopes that i could somehow be swallowed by a big black whole and luckily for me at just that moment the lights went dark, music started and the awesomeness of Ashish came down the catwalk - wish granted.

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