Okay so when i was in secondary school at lunchtime we all used to crowd into the ICT room, jump on a computer, log-in (i would hope that my twin hadn't changed my desktop background to a bunch of naked men's bottoms again) oh the joys of old school Microsoft and immaturity.

We would then go onto the gaming site (probs illegal) i cant remember what it was called but there were ALL sorts of games. Side note: we would either be on that or RuneScape or Habbo Hotel but these were quickly blocked at school at home cos ya know #strangerdanger. Anyway, as a break in between all the hard core gaming we all used to love to put on this little clip of a pixelated banana singing about a bananaphone and that is what inspired this outfit.

We also used to play a song called Peanut Butter Jelly but not the one that is now in the charts it went something like "peanut butter jelly and a baseball bat" probably written and created for stoned people but all of us girls at our private all girls school liked it just as much.

Peace out,

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