Been Trill In Paris | Paris Fashion Week Day 3


Bomber: Rokit Vintage*

Look y'all i'm aware the flame shoes don't really go with this outfit but I had limited room in my holdall K. 

Here is my third outfit from PFW. By this point i had given up with planning outfits and was just packing whatever I could roll nicely into a little ball that would not come out looking as wrinkled as a pug. This Been Trill tee was the best option and due to its colourful and super cool glitch appearance it didn't need much else. 

Although i did once again steal Kiran's awesome cap (i'm obsessed with caps)! So is Kiran who got me walking literally all around Paris to try and find a cool Parisian cap - turns out the french don't really like caps and more berets (duh) and weirdly bucket hats.  

Oh also shout out to the car that nearly knocked me off this zebra crossing - that's the last time i risk my life to try and get the perfect 'fashion blogger shot'.

Peace out,


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