Don't Cha Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me? Dont Cha?


Boots: Iron Fist*

Let's all just agree that this outfit is ON FIIIRE! As Paris Hilton would say "That's Hot!". And even though i am the one wearing the outfit i would have to agree it is indeed one HELL of a hot outfit.

The co-ord is by one of my all time fave's Illustrated People. As a small independent brand they just keep on getting bigger and their SS16 collection has just launched in Selfridges! All very exciting! I can remember when I used to go all the way to Topshop Oxford Circus to buy Illustrated People and Ragged Priest there, so i am over the moon that their is no stopping such a awesome brand!

There are very few brands nowadays that create unique, creative and just downright badass collections (all with a hint of nostalgia) and for that i will forever be a fan of Illustrated People. So, if you are popping by Selfridges go check their new collection out... and then go to the food hall cos OMG THE FOOD!

Also lets all take a moment to applaud this bag from Dolls Kill! It would be fab on a night out as not only does it look freaking awesome but it would also most definitely remind you not to drunk text or call your ex... me likey!

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